Dude Commits Suicide by Jumping From Second Floor of C-21 Mall, Indore

Posted on March 13,2023
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A 75-year-old doctor committed suicide on Monday by jumping from the second floor of a mall located in Vijay Nagar police station area of ??Indore. According to the police, Dr. Manmohan Soni, a resident of Aditya Nagar C-21, fell down from the second floor of the mall. He was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment, where doctors declared him brought dead. The primary investigation seems to be a case of suicide. At present, the reason for the suicide has not been revealed, but it is being speculated that he was suffering from spinal cord disease. That is why he must have taken this step.

Dr. Soni had retired from the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Choithram Hospital. The Department of Nuclear Medicine in Choithram Hospital was started by him. It is being told that he had left the house at 11 am with the driver without having any food. After making the driver stand outside the mall, Dr. Soni went inside saying that he wanted to do some shopping. The driver stood outside the mall for three hours. Meanwhile, the driver had also called him once, then he said that he would be coming in a while. Even after this, when he did not come out for a long time, the driver went inside and found out. It was then learned that he had jumped from the second floor.

Wandered alone in the mall for three hours

After knowing about the incident, the family members also reached the hospital. The doctor roamed around the mall for three hours, but did not buy anything from there. Sometimes they kept moving up and sometimes down. On the other hand, Dr. Soni’s wife Neelu Soni is also a doctor. He is currently posted at Special Jupiter Hospital. In the matter, the police have started investigation by establishing a marg.

were climbing the railing, tried to save but jumped

Eyewitnesses told that the incident took place around 3 pm. A large number of people were present in the mall. Were climbing the railing of the bridge located on the second floor. When everyone saw it, they raised a hue and cry. We tried to save them, but they jumped down. No one was around the doctor when the incident happened. After falling down, many people around came to help. After this, he was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. He had suffered serious injuries due to falling on his head.

Were going to Mumbai for treatment

Dr. Soni was about to visit his daughter in Mumbai on Thursday for spinal treatment. For this, he had done MRI two days back. The operation was about to take place in Mumbai, but before that he took this step. At the same time, after the information of the incident, the daughter also came to Indore along with the family



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