Glendale Police Officer Shoots and Kill Armed Driver Following The Pursuit of a Stolen Car

Posted on September 20,2022
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Glendale, California — On april 14, 2022, at approximately 4:45 p.m., Glendale Police Officers initiated a traffic stop of a stolen vehicle near the intersection of Los Feliz road and san Fernando road. The driver, 40-year-old James Walsh, was ordered to hold his hands outside of his window and he initially complied. His passenger, a 32 -year-old Woman, was given the same order to show her hands. After the initial traffic stop of the stolen car, Officers waited for additional resources to arrive. Walsh sped away and a pursuit was initiated. Walsh led police during the pursuit out of Glendale and into the City of Los Angeles. During the pursuit, Walsh reached speeds of about 70 mph and collided with multiple vehicles. Eventually, Walsh crashed into a parked car near the intersection of Tyburn Street and Atwater Avenue. 

Walsh and his passenger exited the car and ran. A Glendale Police Helicopter was overhead during the vehicle and foot pursuit. Just before the stolen car came to rest, a black handgun was thrown out the passenger side window and it landed in a driveway. When Walsh exited the car, he kicked the gun several feet and then retrieved mid-stride as he ran from Officers. His passenger ran down a sidewalk and was detained without incident. Multiple officers engaged in the foot pursuit of Walsh. Officers repeatedly told him to drop the gun. Walsh ran onto a homeowner's porch on Tyburn Street while still holding the gun. Multiple Officers discharged their service weapons. A doorbell camera captured the moment that Walsh stepped onto the porch with the gun in his hand. 

He maintained possession of the handgun after he was struck by the initial rounds discharged by Officer. After Officers discharged their service weapons, Walsh was motionless but the gun was still within his reach. Officers deployed 40 mm less-lethal rubber baton rounds and a K-9. Walsh was unresponsive and Officers then approached to detain him and secure the firearm. A loaded unregistered handgun with no serial number was found next to Walsh. Officers provided medical aid. Paramedics pronounced Walsh deceased at the scene. After the incident, The investigation revealed Walsh was on parole and had a felony warrant for his arrest at the time of this incident.

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