LAPD Officers Shoot Knife-Wielding Panorama City Man to Death

Posted on May 9,2022
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The Los Angeles Police Department released video on Friday of officers who shot a man to death in his apartment driveway as he charged at them holding a knife.

The Wednesday, April 6 shooting left 33-year-old Jesus Alan Castellanos dead from a single gunshot wound directly to his chest from an officer firing from just a few feet away, video of the shooting showed.

The officer who shot Castellanos fired as three other officers were pointing less-lethal weapons at him. One of those officers fired his stun gun, hitting Castellanos less than a second before the fatal round was fired.

The chaotic and tense encounter, in which Castellanos challenged officers to shoot him as he whipped out his knife and then bounded forward, unfolded over less than a minute. Just 47 seconds elapsed between the officers spotting Castellanos from their patrol car, jumping out, then shooting him.

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