Man Dies Of Burn Injuries After Falling Into Boiling Vessel In India

Posted on August 2,2022
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In a tragic incident, a man died on Tuesday, four days after he sustained burn injuries after falling into a cauldron of boiling payasam meant for temple prasadam in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

As per reports, the man was identified as Muthukumar, and the video of him falling into the pot is going viral after the incident. The man who fell on July 29th (Friday) was admitted to the hospital with 65% burn injuries, but he succumbed while undergoing treatment.

The entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera.  As a part of a religious event, payasam or sweetened rice was being cooked in large vessels at Madurai’s Pazhanganatham for Muthu Mariyammam temple devotees on Friday.

The victim is seen coming to the pot and standing there. He is then seen sitting on the edge of the boiling pot as he looks a bit dizzy and finally falls into the vessel of boiling porridge much to the shock of onlookers. A group of men are seen trying to help Muthukumar out but they were unable to pull him out as the vessel was too hot and finally, topple the entire vessel and he falls out along with the gushing hot liquid from the vessel.A person is also seen falling after pushing the vessel and might have also suffered injuried in the process.


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