Deadly Zebra Crossing In Guanhaiwei Zhen

Posted on June 17,2022
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At about 6:45 in the evening on 27th May 2022, Mr. Yue drove a red car along the horizontal line from west to east. When passing the intersection of Jintang Village, Guanhaiwei Town, a man riding a motorcycle suddenly appeared in front of the car. Woman with electric bicycle. The woman was driving from north to south along the zebra crossing, and just crossed the isolated flower bed of the center line and entered the west-to-east lane. She noticed the headlights coming straight from the car, but Mr. Yue had no time to brake and slammed into it. The woman was not wearing a safety helmet, her body flipped in the air, and she fell to the ground and couldn't get up. Beside the road in the north-south direction in front of the zebra crossing at the intersection where the incident occurred, a "stop" sign with white characters on a red background reminds passing vehicles that they must stop at the intersection outside the stop line and wait to pass. At present, the injured woman is still receiving treatment in the hospital. In addition to fractures of her feet and ribs, she also suffered injuries to her head.


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