Gresham Woman Shot In the Face While Running Errands.

Posted on August 4,2022
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GRESHAM, Ore. — A Gresham woman is recovering after a close call she will never forget. Police say Katie Guzenko was driving when she got caught in the middle of two gunmen who were shooting at each other.

Guzenko was running errands near Southeast 130th and Powell on Wednesday afternoon when she heard gunshots.

"I kept driving, hoping to get out of that area ... next thing I know my face is profusely bleeding," recalled Guzenko.

A bullet pierced her car window, grazed her cheek and went through her nose. Detectives told her the incident is likely gang-related and two gunmen were on both sides of Powell shooting at each other when she was caught in the middle.

"I want to be thankful to be alive but I also know it's a situation that no one should be in," she said.

Guzenko, who is originally from Ukraine, said she never expected Portland's gun violence to hit so close to home.


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